Dress Code

WCOUA On-Field Dress Code

How you look is just as important, if not more, as how you umpire


We want to present ourselves as professional and cohesive. We do not want to show up partners or participants. Only those approved items below shall be worn on the field. WCOUA does NOT permit wearing uniforms with logos of other associations, college, or professional organizations. Game suspensions will be assessed.

Note: all members of the crew MUST match. Exceptions:

  • Plate umpire may wear plate coat.
  • Base umpire may wear a jacket while plate does not.
  • Plate umpire may wear a long-sleeve shirt, as long as it is the same color as the base umpire’s shirt or jacket (i.e. dark blue OHSAA for all).

High School Baseball and Softball

  • Always consult OHSAA Handbook for Officials.
  • Pants:
    • Charcoal grey preferred (mandatory for post-season)
    • Heather grey acceptable
  • Shirt:
    • OHSAA Logo, Dark Blue
  • Belt:
    • 1.5″ or wider, black with silver buckle.
  • Hat:
    • Fitted with OHSAA logo.
    • Recommend plate on plate (4-stitch), base on base (8-stitch), or use of combo hat (6-stitch).
  • Jacket:
    • Dark blue with Shoulder piping (preferred) and OHSAA logo.
  • Shoes:
    • Black with minimal white stripes, log, etc.
    • Logo is acceptable.
  • Undershirt:
    • Red, and may not be long-sleeve if wearing a short sleeve shirt.
  • Ball bags:
    • Grey or Dark Blue

Non-OHSAA/Summer Games

  • High School requirements as above with the following exceptions:
  • Shirt:
    • Alternate colors: Light blue (any trim), Black, Cream, Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness events only).
    • Red is not recommended.
    • WCOUA realizes there are many different trim styles. Crews should match!
  • Hat:
    • Prefer WCOU embroidered hat (dark blue or black to match shirt)
    • ASA, NSA, USSSA depending on tournament or assignment
    • OHSAA as alternate
    • Crews should match
  • Pants:
    • Softball may use approved pants by assigned tournament
  • Ball bags:
    • Black if wearing black, cream, or light blue with black trim shirt

Uniform Suppliers

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